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JEOPARDY! Game - December 25, 2003


Kim Lothringer, Homemaker from Centennial, CO
Jamie Aliperti, Legal aid attorney from Atlanta, GA
Patricia Baillif, CPA from Dallas,TX (Returning 1-day champ with $4,399)

Special thanks to Eugene Finerman for transcribing this game.

JEOPARDY! Round - December 25, 2003

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The number in parentheses preceding the clue denotes the order in which the clue was played.

"M" & "M"s
$200 - Kim

(1) Got this? It's Wisconsin's state beverage.

$200 - Kim

(2) In 2003, this team won its third Stanley cup

$200 - Jamie

(11) Thomas Nast located Santa's workshop here in his Christmas engravings

(-$200) - Kim

(16) A new bio of a current couple is entitled "George and" her: "Portrait of an American Marriage"

$200 - Kim

(21) The diameter of a gun bore, it's traditionally expressed in hundredths of inches like .22 or .30

$200 - Kim

(26) This rodent announces his presence with the cry "Here I come to save the day"

$400 - Patricia

(7) In 1989 this state adopted the bizcochito as its state cookie

$400 - Kim

(3) (Video) The logo of this team is seen here

$400 - Patricia

(12) It was the town the Grinch stole Christmas from

$400 - Jamie

(17) "Theodore Rex" tells the towering tale of this trust buster

$400 - Kim

(22) It's abbreviated dB

$400 - Jamie

(27) She is the author who created the characters Ashley Wilkes and Rhett Butler

$600 - Jamie

(8) Its state has no official vitamin but in 2002 Colorado named rhodochrosite its state this

$600 - Kim

(4) This team has retired the numbers of Stan Mikita, Bobby Hull and Tony Esposito

$600 - Jamie

(13) From the Dutch for to cover, what you do to the halls

$600 - Jamie

(18) "The First American" by H.W. Brands depicts the life and times of this colonial inventor and statesman

(-$600) - Jamie

(23) This unit of power is equal to about 746 watts

$600 - Jamie

(28) The Beatles sang about Rita, one of these women assigned to give out parking tickets

$800 - Kim

(9) The blossom of this giant cactus is the state flower of Arizona

$800 - Patricia

(5) Marty Turco and Mike Modano are two of this city's star luminaries

$800 - Triple Stumper

(14) Clement Moore's famous poem ends with the word "night" to rhyme with this

$800 - Kim

(19) The title of this South African's autobiography is "Long Walk to Freedom"

$800 - Triple Stumper

(24) (Video of Sarah) If I lift a 64 ounce hammer 48 inches off the ground, the work I'm doing is equivalent to 16 of these units

$800 - Patricia

(29) A shaman or witch doctor

(-$1000) - Patricia

(10) Corny perhaps but it is now the official process food of Georgia

$1000 - Patricia

(6) This NHL team has been dubbed the "Broad Street Bullies"

$1000 - Triple Stumper

(15) (Video) Hi, I'm Brenda Lee. This Yuletime classic of mine failed to chart when it first was released in 1958, but since then it's sold millions of records

(-$1000) - Kim

(20) T.J. Stile's biography of this famous Old West outlaw is subtitled "The Last Rebel of the Civil War"


$1000 - Kim

(25) Part of a ream, it is a set of 24 or 25 sheets of paper

$1000 - Jamie

(30) This female anthropologist also wrote "Growing Up in New Guinea"

Scores at the first commercial break:
Kim: $2,200
Patricia: $1,600
Jamie: $1,400

Scores at the end of the JEOPARDY! Round:
Jamie: $3,800
Kim: $3,600
Patricia: $2,200

Double JEOPARDY! Round - December 25, 2003

Click here for the correct responsesClick here for the correct responses.

$400 - Triple Stumper

(23) In sociology theory, deviant and delinquent are two of these, also found on shirts

(-$400) - Patricia

$400 - Kim

(8) The first big screen version of this Mary Shelley horror classic was filmed by Thomas Edison in 1810

$400 - Kim

(21) Tom Lane holds the record of 2 minutes, 5.49 seconds for 50 meters in this event in the 100-104 age group

$400 - Jamie

(12) While we are not sure where this nickname for US infantrymen came from, we can guess that it wasn't from Pillsbury

$400 - Patricia

(1) Sailors who need to know their knots helped spread this knot-based craft that makes lovely wall hangings

$400 - Kim

(6) Mr. Alda

$2500 - Jamie

(24) Directors are glorified in this theory brought over from French film criticism in the 1960s


$800 - Jamie

(13) This 1960 shocker was remade in 1998 by Gus Van Sant with Vince Vaughan as Norman

$800 - Jamie

(22) (Video of Jimmy) In isotonic exercise, you work to move movable objects; in this counterpart, immovable ones

$800 - Triple Stumper

(15) In September, 1916 the Brits rolled out this new secret weapon, surprising the Germans on the Sommes

$800 - Kim

(2) In this traditional crafted item, often found on mantles, Cutty Sark could be both the interior and the exterior part

$800 - Jamie

(7) Ms. Luft

$1200 - Jamie

(25) Harry Markowitz's theory, named for this, your collection of investments, basically says "Diversify it"

$1200 - Patricia

(14) George Romero directed "Night of," "Dawn of" and "Day of" these title creatures

$2000 - Patricia

(28) Common term for the type of sprint run in order to improve breathing and endurance


$1200 - Jamie

(16) In a popular American song of 1917, this line immediately preceded "You're not behind a plow"

$1200 - Triple Stumper

(3) You can swirl color in to create marble bars of this, in a process called saponification

$1200 - Kim

(9) Ms. Loughlin of "Full House"

$1600 - Patricia

(26) In game theory, it's the term for one like your weekly poker game where the total won equals the total lost

$1600 - Patricia

(17) A remake of this classic 1974 horror film massacred the box office in 2003

(-$1600) - Kim

(29) Appropriately, Everlast makes up to 150 lb. versions of this boxing training accessory

(-$1600) - Patricia

(19) In December 1917, this country's one-month old government signed an armistice with the Central Powers

$1600 - Kim

(4) Skiving is the thinning of this material, using a sharp knife on the flesh side

$1600 - Kim

(10) University founder Mr. Roberts

$2000 - Patricia

(27) Appropriately, Ben Jonson based a comedy on the theory of this set of four liquids that govern behavior

$2000 - Triple Stumper

(18) A demonic puzzle cube is the centerpiece of this horror film series based on a Clive Barker novel

$2000 - Kim

(30) Also meaning to detect or notice, in the weight room it means to stand by as someone lifts

$2000 - Triple Stumper

(20) The flying squad known as the Escadrille Americaine soon changed its name to this

$2000 - Triple Stumper

(5) (Video of Sofia) I am giving an invitation this kind of fancy detail, also called a feather edge

$2000 - Patricia

(11) SNL's Ms. Dunn

Scores at the end of the Double JEOPARDY! Round:
Jamie: $11,500
Patricia: $11,200
Kim: $10,400


This song begins, "The sun is shining, the grass is green. But it's December 24th and I am longing to be up North."

Click here for the correct responseClick here for the correct response.

Final JEOPARDY! wagers:
Kim: $10,400 - $1,100
Patricia: $11,200 - $5,800
Jamie: $11,500 + $100

Final Scores
Jamie: $11,600
Kim: $9,300
Patricia: $5,400

Kim: $11,400 (18 right, includes 1 rebound; 3 wrong, includes 1 DD)
Patricia: $10,400 (12 right, includes 1 DD; 3 wrong)
Jamie: $9,800 (15 right, includes 1 DD; 1 wrong)
Total: $31,600

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