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JEOPARDY! Game - December 16, 2003


John Haynes, Meteorologist from Alexandria, VA
Erin Topping, High school English teacher from Santa Ana, CA
Wes Johnson, Band manager & attorney from Columbia, SC (Returning 2-day champ with $22,000)

JEOPARDY! Round - December 16, 2003

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The number in parentheses preceding the clue denotes the order in which the clue was played.

THE 1920s
$200 - John

(7) His July 15 birthday is a holiday in Brunei

$200 - Wes

(1) Sadly, guitarist Joe Strummer died just months before this group of his was inducted into the Hall of Fame

$200 - Erin

(26) This fruit that's good for making dip is also known as an alligator pear

$200 - Wes

(12) Utensil on which you'd find Betty Crocker's name

$200 - Erin

(19) Charlie Chaplin said, "Motion pictures need" this "as much as Beethoven symphonies need lyrics"

$200 - John

(6) Requiring 2 standard decks & 4 jokers, Canasta uses a total of this many cards

$400 - Wes

(8) Tahiti celebrates this on July 14; it's that French connection

$400 - Wes

(2) Ric Ocasek was the lead singer of this "Candy-O" group

$400 - Wes

(27) Columbia University is a part of a distinguished group of colleges bearing the name of this plant of the Genus Hedera

$400 - Wes

(13) Sailor Jack & his dog Bingo first appeared on boxes of this in 1919

$400 - Wes

(20) (Video of Sofia at the Louisville Slugger Museum in Louisville, KY)
In the 1920s, this man carved notches into bats to count his homeruns

$400 - Triple Stumper

(16) Number of questions you have to answer correctly to win the top prize on "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire"

$600 - John

(9) "The Folklore of World Holidays" gives instructions on how to make a turnip lantern for this observance

$600 - Wes

(3) It's the rockin' group from Rockford, Illinois heard here

$600 - John

(28) James Markham received the first patent for a tree in 1932, a variety of this fuzzy fruit

$600 - Triple Stumper

(14) Its oval, topped by a double cross, was used by medieval Italian printers

(-$1000) - Wes

(21) In 1928
24 couples trying to win $5,000 lasted 482 hours in one of these


(-$600) - Wes

(-$600) - John

$600 - Erin

(17) Number of players on a Quidditch team, or number of gold medals Mark Spitz won at the '72 Olympics

$800 - Triple Stumper

(10) At each of the 12 strokes of midnight starting a new year, a Spaniard will traditionally eat one of these

$800 - Wes

(4) Like a fairy tale come true, Jon Bon Jovi discovered this metal band

$800 - Triple Stumper

(29) If you're hungry, plant this Raphanus Sativus root vegetable in your garden & it can be ready to eat in 18 days

$800 - Triple Stumper

(15) In this company's caricatures, the guy on the right is actually named Izzy, but is still identified as Jack

$800 - John

(22) New York City's last horse-drawn one of these was retired in 1922

$800 - Triple Stumper

(18) In 2003 Ed O'Neill, in his new TV role, acquired this famous badge number

(-$1000) - John

(11) In Germany, Pfingsten is this observance, 50 days after Easter

$1000 - Triple Stumper

(5) This Nirvana song says, "And I swear that I don't have a gun"

$1000 - Erin

(30) If you have to tell wood it's been "knotty", it's usually this wood often used to panel rooms & make furniture

(-$1000) - Erin

(24) The Anheuser-Busch logo is one of these with an eagle in it; Mr. Busch must have felt very left out

$1000 - John

(23) Poet Edna St. Vincent Millay joined a 1927 Boston picket line protesting this pair's execution

$1000 - John

(25) The first Apollo mission launched at night & the last one to go to the moon had this number

Scores at the first commercial break:
Wes: $3,000
Erin: $0
John: $0

Scores at the end of the JEOPARDY! Round:
John: $2,800
Wes: $2,200
Erin: $1,000

Double JEOPARDY! Round - December 16, 2003

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$400 - John

(17) In 1962 Riccardo Giacconi detected these coming from outside the solar system, maybe from a far-off doctor's office

$400 - John

(1) This 1939 film that garnered Victor Fleming an Oscar for directing is one of the most popular films of all time

$400 - Erin

(26) "Broadway Bound"

$400 - John

(6) The Shinto-styled Meiji Shrine is in this world capital

$400 - John

(7) While it existed, this nation was the "Land of the southern Slavs"

$400 - John

(12) Bragg in North Carolina or Benning in Georgia

$800 - Triple Stumper

(18) In 1963 Edwin McMillan & Vladimir Veksler shared the award called these for Peace

$800 - John

(2) This Spielberg-directed effort about a boy & his alien was one of the highest-earning films of the '80s

$800 - Erin

(27) "The Crucible"

$800 - John

(22) Tibetan Buddhists revere the Bodhnath Stupa, a shrine near this capital of Nepal

$800 - John

(8) Bounded by the Adriatic on the west & the Black Sea on the east, this peninsula was populated by Slavs in the 6th century

(-$800) - John

(13) This U.S. Senate committee reviews international treaties

$1200 - John

(19) Max Born made major contributions to quantum theory, originated by this other Max

$1200 - Erin

(3) Peggy Lee purrs "The Siamese Cat Song" in this 1950s animation blockbuster

$1200 - Wes

(28) "Sexual Perversity in Chicago"

$1000 - John

(23) Thomas a Becket's tomb in this English town became a shrine for pilgrims after he was canonized


(-$1200) - Erin

(9) Mr. Spassky could tell you this first name of Slavic origin means "fight" or "battle"

$1200 - Erin

(14) An illegal copy of a document that has been made to look genuine

(-$2500) - John

(20) In 1908 this German invented a device that counted the alpha particles emitted by radium


$1600 - Wes

(4) Flower, Faline, Ronno & Thumper are characters in this 1942 Disney cash cow

$1600 - Erin

(29) "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead"

$1600 - Triple Stumper

(24) For Muslims, this one-room shrine is the "house of God"; it's washed once a year & is covered in a silk cloth

$1600 - John

(10) Feb. 14 is the Feast Day of this saint who lends his name to an alphabet used by the Slavs

$1600 - John

(15) The part of a picture that appears nearest the viewer

$2000 - Triple Stumper

(21) This 1922 Nobel Prize winner was active in the Danish resistance to Nazi occupation

$2000 - Wes

(5) This 1915 historic American epic directed by D.W. Griffith grossed over $10 million

$2000 - Triple Stumper

(30) "The Piano Lesson"

$2000 - Triple Stumper

(25) The Golden Temple in Amritsar is a shrine of this religious group

$2000 - John

(11) The many Slavic languauges belong to this hyphenated & most widely spoken family of languages in the world

$2000 - Triple Stumper

(16) The only instance of a world sports championship won posthumously was when Jochen Rindt won in 1970 for this

Scores at the end of the Double JEOPARDY! Round:
John: $11,300
Wes: $7,000
Erin: $5,000


This city that Napoleon gave to Bavaria in 1806 has hosted the Winter Olympics twice

Click here for the correct responseClick here for the correct response.

Final JEOPARDY! wagers:
Erin: $5,000 - $3,000
Wes: $7,000 - $3,000
John: $11,300 - $2,701

Final Scores
John: $8,599
Wes: $4,000
Erin: $2,000

John: $14,000 (20 right, includes 1 DD; 4 wrong, includes 1 DD)
Wes: $8,000 (12 right; 2 wrong, includes 1 DD)
Erin: $5,000 (9 right, includes 1 rebound; 2 wrong)
Total: $27,000

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