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JEOPARDY! Game - December 12, 2003


Wes Johnson, Band manager & attorney from Columbia, SC
Tim Heaney, Facility manager, originally from Cranston, RI
Molly Strothmann, Graduate student from Norman, OK (Returning 1-day champ with $20,000)

JEOPARDY! Round - December 12, 2003

Click here for the correct responsesClick here for the correct responses.

The number in parentheses preceding the clue denotes the order in which the clue was played.

$200 - Tim

(4) Her maiden name was Fitzgerald when she married into the fabled Kennedy family in 1914

$200 - Molly

(5) Dolls' title partners (4 letters)

$200 - Wes

(17) Bad dreams at night can lead to hypnophobia, the fear of doing this

$200 - Triple Stumper

(2) Oglethorpe is the seat of this county whose "line" was featured in a 1974 film

$200 - Wes

(1) Every U. of British Columbia graduating class ceremonially does this; you can still see 1949's dogwood

$200 - Tim

(23) Rene Descartes made famous the phrase "Cogito ergo sum", which means this

$400 - Tim

(14) U.S. Ambassador to Ghana from 1974 to 1976, she was once Hollywood's biggest star

$400 - Wes

(10) Ms. Close, to you (5 letters)

$400 - Wes

(18) One of the most common of all, glossophobia is the fear of doing this in public

$400 - Triple Stumper

(3) Visiting the Callaway Plantation in Washington, Georgia you can "jump down, turn around" & do this

$400 - Wes

(6) In 2001, at Ellis Island, the President led the Pledge of Allegiance at this type of ceremony

$400 - Molly

(26) Meaning "always faithful", it's the motto of the Marine Corps

(-$600) - Tim

$600 - Wes

(15) (Video of Sofia at the U.S.S. Missouri in Pearl Harbor, HI)
On January 29, 1944, this 19-year-old daughter of Harry Truman christened the U.S.S. Missouri at the ship's launching in New York City

$600 - Wes

(11) Disney dwarf, or "Old Men" adjective (6 letters)

$600 - Molly

(19) If you've got amathophobia, a fear of this, you might also fear Genesis 3:19, which tells us we'll all return to it

$600 - Tim

(24) Cleveland, Georgia is home to these dolls, adopted out of its "Babyland General Hospital"

$600 - Wes

(7) If a priest comes to your hospital room to perform the Anointing of the Sick, you may want to know it's also called this

$600 - Triple Stumper

(27) If you're not of sound mind, you're this 3-word phrase, literally

$800 - Molly

(16) Clotilde Bowen was the first black woman to receive her "eagles" by promotion to this U.S. Army rank

$800 - Wes

(12) "Spirited" Swayze saga (5 letters)

(-$800) - Wes

(-$800) - Molly

(20) A nebulaphobe is frightened of this, even when it "comes on little cat feet"

$800 - Molly

(25) The first steamship to sail across the Atlantic sailed from Georgia & was named for this city

$800 - Tim

(8) In Branson, Missouri, the nation's largest celebration of this day includes a parade at 11:00 on 11/11

$800 - Triple Stumper

(28) "In wine there is truth" or so says this phrase

$1000 - Triple Stumper

(22) In 1990 Joan Finney became the first Kansas woman elected to this post

$1000 - Tim

(13) Oddjob's master (10 letters)

$1800 - Molly

(21) Hippophobia isn't the fear of hippopotami but of these


$1000 - Triple Stumper

(29) Georgia's state motto is "Wisdom, justice and" this, something you should have "in all things"

$1000 - Molly

(9) The ritual smoke seen here indicates a new one of these

$1000 - Molly

(30) When he crossed the Rubicon, Julius Caesar supposedly said, "Iacta alea est", which translates to this

Scores at the first commercial break:
Wes: $3,600
Tim: $1,800
Molly: $1,200

Scores at the end of the JEOPARDY! Round:
Molly: $5,800
Wes: $3,400
Tim: $2,600

Double JEOPARDY! Round - December 12, 2003

Click here for the correct responsesClick here for the correct responses.

$400 - Triple Stumper

(21) In 1811 Thomas Manning, disguised in Chinese garb, became the first Englishman to enter this Tibetan capital

$400 - Tim

(1) With over 2,500 versions, it's been listed in Guinness as the most recorded song in history

$400 - Wes

(11) For radio's "Family Theater", Al Scalpone wrote, "The family that prays together" does this

$400 - Wes

(26) (Video) Let's see, there's one fish, not two fish, and it's not a red fish, it's this

$400 - Molly

(16) It's when a spacecraft passes a planet to observe it

$400 - Molly

(3) This event happens because of the pressure on gas-filled magma from the solid rock around it

$800 - Tim

(22) This Venetian's accounts of the Roc of Arabian myth may have been based on the Elephant Bird of Madagascar

$800 - Molly

(2) They're the trio heard here in a rather animated remake of a Beatles hit
(You'll just have to imagine them singing "Hard Day's Night". Requires RealAudio.)

$800 - Triple Stumper

(12) His first inaugural address gave us the phrase "the better angels of our nature"

$800 - Molly

(27) (Video) It's also the name of a wholesome snack that smiles back until you bite their heads off

$800 - Triple Stumper

(17) It's when unionized police officers call in sick en masse

$800 - Molly

(4) It's why Sampson's Pearly Mussel & the Santa Barbara Song Sparrow were taken off the endangered species list

$1200 - Molly

(23) In April 1874 this Scottish missionary & African explorer was buried at a state funeral at Westminster Abbey

$1200 - Tim

(8) On George Martin's farewell album "In My Life", Jim Carrey does this song (Goo goo goo joob)

$1200 - Tim

(13) Paul Erdos was famous as one of these, which he defined as a machine "for turning coffee into theorems"

(-$1200) - Tim

$1200 - Molly

(28) (Video) Complain, complain, complain, that's all it does is complain

$1200 - Tim

(18) It's the lottery option that lets the computer randomly select some numbers

$1200 - Molly

(5) In 1654 Queen Christina of Sweden abdicated because she wanted to practice this religion

$3000 - Molly

(24) On Sept. 12, 1609 he sailed into New York harbor & then proceeded north to the site of present-day Albany


$4200 - Tim

(9) Under the name Dr. Winston O'Boogie, John Lennon played guitar on Elton John's 1974 remake of this gem


(-1600) - Tim

$1600 - Molly

(14) Samuel Johnson rhymed, "Let observation with extensive view / Survey mankind from China to" this country

$1600 - Wes

(29) (Video) It's named for the insects that spread malaria, because it eats the insects

$1600 - Wes

(19) In nuclear imaging, it's an area with an accumulation of radioactivity

$1600 - Wes

(6) Washington attacked at this N.J. city Dec. 26, 1776 because many of his soldiers' enlistments ended Dec. 31

(-$2000) - Molly

(25) This Grand Canyon explorer wrote "Explorations of the Colorado River of the West and its Tributaries" in 1875

(-$2000) - Tim

(10) It's the song covered here by Earth, Wind & Fire

$2000 - Triple Stumper

(15) These "Prairie Home Companion" biscuits give "shy persons the strength to get up and do what needs to be done"

$2000 - Wes

(30) (Video) It's named for the decorative pattern on its skin. As you can see, it's not slimming

$2000 - Molly

(20) 3-word proverb meaning that the strong create their own rules

(-$2000) - Molly

(7) This double-reed instrument's pitch rarely changes, so the rest of the orchestra tunes to it

Scores at the end of the Double JEOPARDY! Round:
Molly: $15,200
Wes: $11,000
Tim: $6,800


Frederic Tudor became wealthy marketing this, which he took from a pond called Fresh Pond in Massachusetts

Click here for the correct responseClick here for the correct response.

Final JEOPARDY! wagers:
Tim: $6,800 - $6,800
Wes: $11,000 + $4,200
Molly: $15,200 - $6,802

Final Scores
Wes: $15,200
Molly: $8,398
Tim: $0

Molly: $13,000 (19 right, includes 2 DDs & 2 rebounds; 3 wrong)
Wes: $11,000 (15 right, includes 1 rebound; 1 wrong)
Tim: $4,200 (12 right, includes 1 DD; 4 wrong)
Total: $28,200

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