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JEOPARDY! Game - September 25, 2003

Back to School Week Contestants

Ashley Smith from Greencastle, IN
Deirdre Kessler from Brooklyn, NY
Ranz Errazo from Goose Creek, SC

JEOPARDY! Round - September 25, 2003

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The number in parentheses preceding the clue denotes the order in which the clue was played.

C D "B"
WEBSTER'S 3rd P. 2004
$200 - Ranz

(2) It rhymes with noisy

$200 - Deirdre

(8) (Video) You'll need the equipment seen here to play this popular backyard game

$200 - Ashley

(1) Willy Wonka gives a private tour to 5 lucky kids in this novel by Roald Dahl

$200 - Triple Stumper

(15) In 2001 this Giants outfielder hit 73 home runs, one every 6.5 times at bat

$200 - Ashley

(17) Your tresses, your locks, your mop

$200 - Deirdre

(18) A cowboy might mosey into one of these bars

$400 - Ashley

(6) If you go over to Dover, you'll be in the capital of this state

$400 - Deirdre

(11) (Video) One of the many depictions of this Nepalese-born man is seen here

$400 - Ranz

(3) Stanley Yelnats is sent to Camp Green Lake, a juvenile detention facility, in this book by Louis Sachar

$400 - Deirdre

(23) This National League team has been playing its home games at Wrigley Field since 1916

$400 - Ranz

(27) It's what you "jump out of" when you're frightened

(-$400) - Ashley

(19) A sock in the eye hurts; a sockeye is this fish

$600 - Ranz

(7) New York's Erie Canal extends from Buffalo to near this state capital

$600 - Ranz

(12) (Video) Be prepared to fly along at breakneck speeds using one of these transports

(-$400) - Ranz

(4) Middle school students in Florida save endangered miniature owls in this mystery by Carl Hiaasen


(-$600) - Deirdre

(-$600) - Ashley

(24) It's the position played by the Mets' Mike Piazza & the Yankees' Jorge Posada

$600 - Ranz

(28) It's a blood vessel that carries blood to the heart

$600 - Deirdre

(20) Meaning to leap or burst "forth", it's also the name of famous astronaut Ride

$800 - Ashley

(9) Washington-on-the Brazos was the capital of Texas for a short time before this city became its permanent capital

$800 - Ashley

(13) (Video) It's the large country of 170 million seen here

$800 - Ashley

(5) "Dinosaurs Before Dark" & "High Tide in Hawaii" are volumes in this "magic" series featuring siblings Jack & Annie

$800 - Deirdre

(25) In 1966 the Angels moved from Los Angeles to this city

$800 - Ashley

(29) 1 of the 5 parts of your eyeball that fit the category

$800 - Deirdre

(21) The living room of a fashionable French home, it's also a place your mom may go for a beauty treatment

$1000 - Ashley

(10) Trenton, the capital of this state, was originally known as Trent's Town

$1000 - Ranz

(14) (Video) This weather forecaster can help save you a lot of trouble

$1000 - Ranz

(16) This 12-year-old title character kidnaps Holly Short, a fairy with the Leprecon unit, to collect fairy gold as ransom

$1000 - Deirdre

(26) Nicknamed the "Big Unit", this Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher has led the major leagues in strikeouts 8 times

$1000 - Triple Stumper

(30) With a cleft in it to allow room for the heart, your left one only has 2 lobes instead of 3 like the right

$1000 - Deirdre

(22) This genus of bacteria found on poultry & eggs can also be spread by pet turtles

Scores at the first commercial break:
Ashley: $4,000
Ranz: $2,400
Deirdre: $600

Scores at the end of the JEOPARDY! Round:
Deirdre: $4,800
Ranz: $4,400
Ashley: $4,000

Double JEOPARDY! Round - September 25, 2003

Click here for the correct responsesClick here for the correct responses.

$400 - Ashley

(6) At some points this 4,000-mile-long river is so wide that you can't see from one bank to the opposite side

(-$400) - Deirdre

(11) Unlike Christmas, Easter changes its date yearly, because it's based on this heavenly body

$400 - Ranz

(26) This white-striped weasel relative can accurately spray its foul-smelling liquid as far as 12 feet

$400 - Deirdre

(16) In 2003 this little friend of Winnie the Pooh starred in his own "Big Movie"

$400 - Ashley

(1) (Video of Sofia
at the piano)

This symbol in the key signature means that instead of (hits a white key), I play (hits a black key)

$400 - Ranz

(21) The center of operations for a business or corporation, it's abbreviated HQ

$800 - Ashley

(7) This country on the west coast of South America is more than 10 times as long as it is wide

$800 - Deirdre

(12) July is named for this ancient Roman who practiced calendar reform

$800 - Deirdre

(27) Eastern varieties of this "kingly" orange & black butterfly migrate to southern Mexico for the winter

$800 - Ashley

(17) In "The Little Mermaid", it's the name of the sinister sea witch

$800 - Triple Stumper

(2) In fingering diagrams, number 1 is usually assigned to this digit

$800 - Ranz

(22) It's the 2-letter postal abbreviation for Iowa

$1200 - Deirdre

(8) The name of this capital city means "good air"

$1200 - Ranz

(13) To get the year on this calendar, add 3,760 to our year (or 3,761 if it's after Rosh Hashanah)

(-$3700) - Deirdre

(28) This redbreasted thrush is one of the first birds to return north in the spring


$1200 - Ashley

(18) Spaceship Earth, the geosphere at this Disney World theme park, is 180 feet high & weighs 16 million pounds

$1200 - Ashley

(3) (Video of Sofia
at the piano)

I'm going to play the major chord named for this letter (hits 3 white keys simultaneously with her thumb, middle finger, & pinky)

$1200 - Ranz

(23) An abbreviation for "cap" is lc, which stands for this

$1600 - Ashley

(9) Chimborazo & Cotopaxi are peaks in this South American mountain range

(-$1600) - Deirdre

$1600 - Ashley

(14) The astronomical year begins at the vernal equinox, when the sun crosses this line

$1600 - Triple Stumper

(29) The giant species of this "mad" wasp was introduced into the U.S. from Europe in the mid-1800s

$1600 - Ashley

(19) In "The Jungle Book", he's the happy-go-lucky bear who befriends Mowgli

$1600 - Triple Stumper

(4) Haruko Kataoka is the co-creator of the piano version of this music-teaching method

$1600 - Ranz

(24) When looking up words in a dictionary, you should know that pref. & suff. stand for these word elements

$2000 - Deirdre

(10) (Video) Take a look. It's the heavenly Venezuelan landmark seen here

(-$2000) - Ashley

(15) When there are 190 days left in the year, it's this month


$2000 - Deirdre

(30) Most of these tailed amphibians live on land but mate & lay their eggs in water

$2000 - Deirdre

(20) This movie originally with Hayley Mills & Hayley Mills was remade in 1998 with Lindsay Lohan & Lindsay Lohan

$2000 - Ashley

(5) (Video of Sofia
at the piano)

"Legato" means to play smoothly, connecting the notes. (demonstrates) This Italian word means the opposite (demonstrates)

$2000 - Ranz

(25) On a map, "Isth." refers to this geographical feature

Scores at the end of the Double JEOPARDY! Round:
Ashley: $13,600
Ranz: $12,000
Deirdre: $8,300


His given name is Eldrick; his more famous nickname honors his father's Vietnam War buddy

Click here for the correct responseClick here for the correct response.

Final JEOPARDY! wagers:
Deirdre: $8,300 - $3,700
Ranz: $12,000 - $1,000
Ashley: $13,600 - $11,000

Final Scores
Ranz: $11,000
Deirdre: $4,600
Ashley: $2,600

Ashley: $15,600 (18 right, includes 1 rebound; 3 wrong, includes 1 DD)
Ranz: $12,400 (15 right; 1 wrong, includes 1 DD)
Deirdre: $12,000 (16 right; 4 wrong, includes 1 DD)
Total: $40,000

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