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JEOPARDY! Game - September 19, 2003


Chuck Champagne, Vice President of finance from Cumberland, RI
Dave Hoffman, Account manager from Los Angeles, CA
Michael Shapiro, College teacher from Honolulu, HI (Returning 1-day champ with $25,500)

JEOPARDY! Round - September 19, 2003

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The number in parentheses preceding the clue denotes the order in which the clue was played.

$200 - Dave

(6) On July 1, 1867 the British North America Act created this new dominion

$200 - Michael

(1) The lyrics to this 1963 hit had a lot of people dancing & a lot of people scratching their heads

$200 - Michael

(11) This pair's 1804-06 "expedition" handed out certificates to Indian chiefs they found hospitable

$200 - Michael

(21) Container for bottles of ginger, cumin & cloves

$200 - Dave

(26) When the plane's on its glide path it's about to do this

$200 - Chuck

(15) A 1937 ransom note for Charles Ross demanded $50,000 in 20s, 10s & 5s, bank-run, non-consecutive & this

$400 - Michael

(7) In 1001 this Norseman reached what is now Newfoundland, built several dwellings & stayed the winter

$400 - Michael

(2) This No. 1 song was featured in a 1981 film

$400 - Michael

(12) The state animal of Nevada is the desert bighorn species of this

$400 - Michael

(22) To decay or decline is to "go to rack &" this

$400 - Dave

(27) A dive is a steep, sudden descent; this is an ascent to cruising altitude

$400 - Chuck

(17) "Barbara: An Actress Who Sings" calls itself this type of book

$600 - Dave

(8) In 67 A.D. Nero began building a canal across this country's Isthmus of Corinth; a canal was completed in 1893

$600 - Dave

(3) Trip out as we spin this '60s psychedelic sensation

(-$600) - Chuck

(13) Out west is the wild blue yonder; Oregon has the Blue Mountains & the state tree of Utah is the blue this

$600 - Michael

(23) Rack & this is a steering system used in sports cars

$600 - Dave

(28) It's the movement of an aircraft under its own power on the ground

$600 - Michael

(18) Zombies are an example of this group of beings that shouldn't be walking around but are

$800 - Triple Stumper

(9) Sir Eric Drummond was the first to serve in this position at the League of Nations, doing so from 1919 to 1933

(-$800) - Dave

(4) It's the "monster" of a smash hit heard here

(-$1400) - Michael

(14) As the first Governor of Deseret, he sent a request to Congress to recognize it as an official state


(-$800) - Michael

(24) Take a rack of lamb, form it in a circle & you have this roast fit for a king

$800 - Dave

(29) It's not frosting on the cake, it's a bad wing condition you experience in cold weather

$800 - Triple Stumper

(19) This company's No. 5 model was one of the most successful manual typewriters in history

$1000 - Chuck

(10) This Spanish conquistador served as Governor of Peru from 1531 until his murder in 1541

$1000 - Michael

(5) He-he, he-he, it's the Black Sabbath metal favorite heard here

$1000 - Chuck

(16) This Sacramento mill owner bought out the failed Russian settlement of Fort Ross

$1000 - Dave

(25) (Video of Jimmy & Sarah)
(Jimmy, clear in
foreground shot)
From a cinematographer's bag of tricks, it's...
(Sarah, in background):
... the in-camera effect being demonstrated here

$1000 - Chuck

(30) From the Latin for "stormy", it's the rough air that shakes things up a bit during a flight

$1000 - Michael

(20) In 1905 Freud cracked everyone up with "Jokes and Their Relation to" this

Scores at the first commercial break:
Michael: $1,200
Dave: $600
Chuck: $400

Scores at the end of the JEOPARDY! Round:
Dave: $3,600
Michael: $3,200
Chuck: $3,000

Double JEOPARDY! Round - September 19, 2003

Click here for the correct responsesClick here for the correct responses.

$400 - Michael

(12) The moral of his town & country mice fable is that a simple, peaceful life is better than riches with unease

(-$400) - Dave

(17) Asherah was a Canaanite fertility one

$400 - Dave

(22) Bisbigliando, or "whispering", is an effect on this 46-stringed instrument

$400 - Dave

(6) Dis boxer was Da Bronx Bull

$400 - Chuck

(1) 1970: "World War II's Commander of the Third Army"

(-$400) - Chuck

$400 - Michael

(11) (Video of Alex)
Appropriately, the National Constitution Center is located here, in the heart of this city

$800 - Chuck

(13) In his "Analects", this Asian was among those who suggested not to do to others what you don't want done to you

$800 - Dave

(18) This word for a female protagonist is a homophone of a dangerous narcotic

$800 - Michael

(23) Perhaps due to an illness, 18th c. soprano Anastasia Robinson dropped into this range

$800 - Chuck

(7) This notorious prison island is politically part of the Bronx but connected by bridge to Queens

$800 - Chuck

(2) 1988: "Wet Weather Dude"

$800 - Chuck

(27) (Video of Alex)
The "We the People" exhibit takes its name from this introductory paragraph of the Constitution

$1200 - Chuck

(14) Simple machine of which Archimedes said that with the right place to stand he could move the world


$1200 - Dave

(19) Baton twirler is often used in place of this term

$1200 - Michael

(24) A mideastern trash talker could threaten to beat you like a davul -- it's a type of this

(-$1200) - Dave

(8) Formed in the Bronx in 1976, one of the first rap crews was this man & The Furious Five

$1200 - Chuck

(3) 1972: "Baptism Sponsor"

$1200 - Dave

(28) (Video of Alex)
Signers Hall shows the 42 men who were still around when this ended, after nearly 4 months of deliberation

$1600 - Michael

(15) (Video of Cheryl
in front of a
blackboard with a triangle
drawn on it)

Builders check for square by measuring 3 feet along one wall, 4 feet along another. This man from Samos said the two points should be 5 feet apart

$1600 - Dave

(20) Here's a "tip": Read Debra Ginsberg's memoir of her career as this

(-$1600) - Michael

(25) This term for a 16th century German musical guild member is in the title of an 1868 Wagner opera

$1600 - Chuck

(9) This Bronx-born businessman didn't become the full owner of the Dodgers until after they moved to L.A.

$1600 - Michael

(4) 1992: "Non-Pardoned"

$1600 - Dave

(29) (Video of Alex)
On loan from the National Archives, the National Constitution Center has the tools used one June night, 1972, at this site

$2000 - Dave

(16) Completes the Hippocratic injunction "to help, or at least, to do ..."

(-$2000) - Dave

(21) With the Restoration, this feminine term became a permissible job in England in the 1660s


$2000 - Michael

(26) (Video of Sofia
at the piano)

This type of scale gets its name from having 5 notes to the octave

(-$2000) - Michael

(-$2000) - Dave

(10) Born in the Bronx (not Rotterdam), Arthur Flegenheimer took this alias from an earlier Bronx gangster

$2000 - Triple Stumper

(5) 1932: "Opulent Inn"

(-$2000) - Chuck

(30) (Video of Alex)
The name of one of the 3 dissenters to the U.S. Constitution has given us this word that signifies unorthodox political boundary realignment

Scores at the end of the Double JEOPARDY! Round:
Chuck: $8,200
Michael: $7,600
Dave: $7,200


This title character was based on a man who bravely served the Guides regiment at the 1857 Siege of Delhi

Click here for the correct responseClick here for the correct response.

Final JEOPARDY! wagers:
Dave: $7,200 + $7,199
Michael: $7,600 + $7,599
Chuck: $8,200 + $7,001

Final Scores
Chuck: $15,201
Michael: $15,199
Dave: $14,399

Chuck: $8,200 (13 right, includes 1 DD; 3 wrong)
Michael: $9,000 (18 right, includes 1 rebound; 4 wrong, includes 1 DD)
Dave: $9,200 (16 right; 5 wrong, includes 1 DD)
Total: $26,400

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